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tv   Headline News  RT  January 15, 2014 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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gates himself when he gets caught. by security surrounds the second day of egypt's constitution referendum the first round was marred by deadly violence and claims that the vote no campaign has been silenced also. the europa calm a burning building with no exits reform or decline britain's treasury chief warns the european union will quit if nothing's done to fix the blocks flagging competitive. and warping the web the u.s. communication johnson power to govern internet traffic go ahead now to let some. of the expense of others.
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to do center at ten pm near moscow is kevin with you this very pleased to have you company our top story tonight that the second and final day of voting is underway in egypt on whether to accept or not another new constitution critics say yes result will serve to secure the military's grip on future governments the ousted muslim brotherhood is refusing to take calling it a sham referendum that puts the army before the nation violence during day one of the ballot killed eleven. troops in cairo. well addictions are once again in the polling stations for a second day on this referendum on the constitution people behind it so are this interim government and also the military and then the people who stand to gain the most if this is a yes votes on it there's a high turnouts in particular the military bases key articles within this constitution which would cement military power over the civilian states' military trials for civilians will be allowed the military budget will be kept secrets and crucially the appointment of the defense minister will have to be approved by
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egypt's a supreme council of the armed forces which basically means the minutes to be able to be to say the decisions by the presidents now this is worry quite as if you rights groups and also activists you've said that this was centrally cause and military state within a state but really the biggest opponents of the constitution are them is the brotherhood and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi who say the whole process is intimate i know has been a very tentative no vote campaign which hasn't really been allowed to express itself over the course of the last week this is something that people are saying is causing you know causing a real problem here in the referendum as it's really only a yes votes allowed in egypt's high turnout and a yes vote would be a stamp of approval from the states on that minute you authored political map which they put in place into allied and would see parliamentary and presidential elections of course this could also pave the way for egypt's defacto needed and forces chief general sisi to run for president he's already expressed interest in
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doing that we have a similar situation under the former president mohamed morsi when he pressed through his constitutional two thousand and twelve constitution which basically any all his decrees from traditional pealed gave themselves you can get thirty and keep it actually immunize the body that was drafting his constitution from being dissolved by any judicial body and this is brotherhood and his supporters do not recognize the current constitution as they still believe the two thousand and twelve constitution should be in place. so they are boycott. singh at the moment we spoke to a spokesperson of the missing brotherhood and to ask them what their position is in this position make egypt military state this concession make it a bullycide state otherwise you can consider that. the state of that egypt has an army you can say that gives an army has a state this is the reality of the scale of however there is a sentiment here in the streets in egypt people want the country to me forward
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after six very difficult and bloody months it's been nearly three years now of protests and unrest in egypt since the twenty eleven revolution political activism in cairo told me earlier that this referendum even if it's successful will not bring stability to the country. the whole environment are under which the constitution was drafted and now the whole process with a heavy handed security presence and dealing with any political dissidents the este of anyone who is trying to promote voting nor rest of activists this whole environment discredits the process even though it in terms of procedures up to now it's been quite transparent to a great extent it's inevitable that we will have this constitution passed but however the support. to disconcert dushan will not bring any sort of stability because the problem is it's
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a political problem the problem is not the constitution you have protesters on the streets will continue to be on the streets now given that. general sisi will announce that he will run for presidency this will more or less exasperate the problem and perhaps we might see egypt falling into more violence and power even a civil war. the man in charge of britain's finances has given the e.u. a dressing down telling the brussels but he wants that it's declining and needs an urgent overhaul george osborne was addressing a think tank on europe when he also warned that the u.k. will pull out if the e.u. fails to reform itself or smiths called the story. said europe's like a burning building with no exit basically he sees the political block as falling behind india and china overspending on welfare becoming less and less competitive essential in the economic and political bloc in declawing domestically of course here in the u.k. the e.u. is losing popularity people say it's very expensive increasingly power hungry and
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also the originator of an awful lot of red tape but also one central message today was that the u.k. is not pushing for reform for its own sake oh no it's pushing for reform for everybody else the stakes for europe's sake as a whole so he was talking about the tabling of legal challenges a year peer course of justice he said it's not anti european but in fact it's a way of preserving values that traditionally seem to be european such as known discrimination he talked about the calling for rejection of the financial services reform which of course includes a cap on bankers' bonuses which is quite controversial here in the u.k. because london competes with new york and hong kong it's not competing inside europe and anything that damages the city of london also damages london also damages but hey he is george osborne summing up for his central message was some on the continent like to assume this is just the u.k. pursuing its own self interest of the expense of the collective good. but it's the
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opposite if we cannot protect the collective interests of northern euro zone member states then they will have to choose between joining the euro which the u.k. will not do or leaving the european union and these rifts and these calls for reform between london and brussels keep on opening up the latest is a very interesting more human rights since the u.k. fact brussels has talked about imposing the charter of human rights on all its member countries which would possibly mean legal challenges to businesses and government the u.k. already opted out of that in nine hundred ninety eight so the government is sort of like going back into the past and doing something again and that's the latest in a in a long line of proposals as brussels tries to ramp up the political union inside the political integration george osborne's message on the message of the conservative party here in the u.k. as a whole is reform or die laura smith in the u.k.
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and to london now for more on the love hate relationship across english channel is talk to robert all zs head of the near liberal think tank the british group joining us live hi there robert so george was more than saying if no reforms will be no britain in the most serious is that or is it really last warning here or is it just a bit of british bluster may be. well there will not be any reform in the european union it can't actually change and hopefully we will have a referendum the british public still need to pressure the politicians to deliver the referendum they promised so we british public can have their say and hopefully we'll vote to leave the european union because i'm very pessimistic about the chances of the you changing it's been created since nine hundred fifty seven it's about ever closer union it's about more regulation it's about less powerful nation states more powerful and unaccountable bureaucracy it is not going to change in the timeframe that the government has given it a big ship to turn around isn't there i mean the european union though is slowly
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recovering it's very slowly on the up in some countries at least i think george osborne exaggerating a bit well the economic crisis is actually spreading throughout the european union unemployment is still dangerously high in countries like greece which is twenty seven percent unemployment over over sixty percent youth unemployment the same in spain italy is lurching from crisis to crisis or i want britain is on the up in that britain is but britain isn't in the euro and that's that that's one of the key aspects of course france is also got developing economic problems as well as a political problems so economic crisis in the european union is spreading it really does seem to be only germany that's benefiting for the time being there is ever going to be a jewel to the deaf ear if you're saying there are one and the use just too big to turn around the not going to listen we've heard this before from britain they haven't listened is britain really going to pull out any time soon. well that can happen if the politicians are forced into giving us
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a referendum david cameron is committed to hold a referendum in twenty seventy he has committed previously to hold a referendum on the lisbon treaty but got out of that one this time we mustn't let it happen need to make sure that there is a referendum because the british membership cannot continue without the consent of the british public it's a key democratic principle that there should be a referendum is pretty much established and the labor party needs to be pressured into holding that as well there is that possibility that they will and likelihood according to the opinion polls is that most people at the moment will actually vote to exit the european union wilder than remain as members were there is it just the politicians talking here being a brit myself i know we all loved about about the weather we all love to most of europe as well that way we have our own quieter days and it's a good crowd pleaser for the politicians too isn't it what is absolutely fundamental most british people do actually want a referendum oh more than eighty percent say they want to vote and you now vote on am on a membership of the you but of course it's absolutely fundamental to our economy as
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well because at the moment having to pay billions each year to brussels e.u. red tape is holding back the british economy as well as other european nations as well it's not you know economic benefit so things have really must change you it doesn't have much of an economic future it is declining as a bloc so britain should look at other opportunities that await us around the globe robert oulds head of the new liberal think tank the brew group thank you for your time thanks for being an art international thank you my pleasure. you as biggest ever appeal for humanitarian help to sing donors pledged two and a half billion dollars so far to help syrian refugees one of the countries dipping into its pockets and it is britain but charities they want to know why it's a case of open wallet with closed doors that's roessler reports. increasingly extreme humanitarian suffering there is a humanitarian crisis so britain is leading the way with humanitarian support but
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some might wonder whether it actually is the u.k. has committed five hundred million pounds of aid that's to assist syria's neighbors like lebanon jordan turkey and iraq cope with the sheer number of refugees but that as far as it's willing to go the u.k. is one criticized for saying no to the refugee agency appeal to syrians fleeing the conflict despite calls to open its doors for now while answer is still no the latest count more than two million syrian refugees over the borders of neighboring countries this is. not just. on the. concern shared by seventeen other nations who've said yes it's hard to understand why they're taking this position given that this is something that we have done in the past problems the conflicts in the balkans we took in thousands of kosovo. i fear that there may may be domestic
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immigration considerations that's influencing this come slap in the middle of a political climate a national mood that's increasingly wary of anyone coming through the door we already have accepted a number of we have except i think about one thousand five hundred asylum seekers some that is a fact we've already given shaky said it is a fact we have accepted hundreds and hundreds of individual asylum seekers from syria but factually speaking the un's most recent request is that countries all for resettlement places for people who are still stuck in the region which does not include the fifteen hundred nick clegg says of apply for asylum in britain what the un has asked for is over and above the commitment in international law david cameron has called a serious friend. the refugee refugee crisis of our time in recognition of. the u.k. would respond does or sylvia r.t.
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london. syria's foreign ministry says the syrian opposition's reluctance meantime to take part in peace talks is the main obstacle in the way of ending the bloodshed no developments from syria damascus claims that western intelligence agencies have been to the city to discuss the radical groups fighting president syria's deputy foreign minister suspects there's a rift between politicians and intelligence communities and some western countries that have been calling for assad to go earlier spoke to former british counterterrorism intelligence officer charles hsu bridge he explained to me why he thinks we may be seeing a change in european and american policies now towards syria. i think that's in recognition of a number of factors one of those is the inability of the syrian opposition and the rebels to get their act together politically but also i think there's a recognition that militarily the rebels are unable to deliver on their promises in any case perhaps of more immediate concern to the west and this is a particular case in the european capitals it's clear that elements of the syrian
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opposition comprising fighters jihadist fighters that have gone from countries such as britain germany spain etc to syria to fight with al-qaeda linked forces there actually pose a threat to european countries themselves so this recognition has meant that security services have of course been forced if you like to address this in the best way to their own national interests and of course inevitably that means particularly since it's likely more i think recognize now that assad will be around for some time to actually make those links even if discreetly with back with the regime's intelligence services. talking to me their tenure in moscow thanks bill without international coming up after a very quick break american internet service providers can legally pick and choose who gets a mega speedy download but where does that leave smaller online services big questions will attempt to answer but after the break.
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millions around the globe struggle with hunger. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. and we think that. there is no. evidence any problem with. golden rice.
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and a wave of bombings in iraq killed at least seventy five people in baghdad and the northern city of baquba. one thousand people died when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a funeral procession the u.n. says five hundred people have been killed this month alone last year proved to be iraq's deadliest since two thousand and eight as a continuing standoff between iraqi militants have been in control in the city of fallujah for more than a week now a lot of quote human rights campaigner members of the brussels tribunal on iraq hi there thanks for being with us much appreciate it what would you say is behind this unprecedented level of sectarian violence that and who's to blame. well definitely the u.s. led invasion of iraq is to blame. the
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period of loss the sound to you know in iraq there was no bile and such violence before the invasion and occupation of iraq ok do you hear me now we can actually carry on the big right ok it was i was saying that the us invasion. and occupation of iraq is to be blamed for this violence and of course there are many other. reasons behind this violence of the nonfunctioning state for example the corrupt and fascist government that sins of any kind of services the failing state all these and above all the persecution of people especially those who protest against. fascist policies of the government all these it's a good that are behind the. violence in iraq citizens are being cowboy daily bloodshed we talk about it daily on this channel civilians are the cave victims in
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insurgents deadly attacks holding speed gun to try and tackle it seems are getting worse. yeah it is that's true actually. for the last year more than a year iraqis are protesting peacefully i mean protesting against. their government's policies and above all the detentions and executions you know iraq now has the first rate of executions in the world so and then and again the one for she stated the failings but what the government did is that they attacked the peaceful protect protesters and they killed many of them for example a few months ago they slaughtered forty five people people who were protesting peacefully and in other places in india and in mosul in the lumbar all these. killings yes iraqis are trying to cope with this violence but simply the government has to stop persecuting the people now the iraqi parents want to give me
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a very against the creation of an evil state as he put it that would wreak havoc with security in the region in the world there is words directly authorities have anywhere near enough resources so to fight in a bowl develop tighter on their own. well this is another lie i mean there is no the there is no chance there is not any chance of us like state to be created. in iraq be a simply because the iraqi people themselves against this they are actually now fighting them fighting the dumbest state on india there is the iraqi people you should know it is there to keep fighters are against these people so we are here talking about the triangle of violence of people who are. fighting so the iraqis themselves are against against this islam is that there is no such as united or this is a just a lie that the government is
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a sending out to get more support from the outside world to get more arms and surprisingly many countries out of many states actually are really supporting the this fascist government against its own people and instead of supporting the iraqi people themselves against this. patient installed government so. there is no such a thing this is a lie thank you for your thoughts thanks paul a program. rock human rights activist and member of the brussels tribunal on iraq thank you. let's talk for a moment of what we've got on our website r.t. dot com always something where to entertain and inform you know just when you thought america's spying capabilities couldn't get any wider taking the more you'll see that it seems that you don't even need to be on line for the n.s.a. to sift through your private data will tell you why without a doubt. one of the up here android amigo that's more able to find affection
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objects as well as learn your skills without people being present cute little thing isn't it it's hopeless so robotic friend could prove useful assist. one of the internet's founding principles was of course that there'd be equal access to everybody online but it seems that's not good enough for the us federal court now scrapping net neutrality it's granted internet providers the power to rule web traffic and decide for themselves who gets to jump the queue it means that the biggest companies can get their hands on the bulk of the web surface and could also mean that new online services or those not willing to pay providers like the rising cost could find their speeds held by gorry be blocked altogether the ruling was pushed by horizon which is one of america's largest mobile phone operators and telecoms provider is an expert in new media entrepreneurship spoke to me earlier on told me how it will most likely result in the discrimination of many online
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services and innovative startups to boot. telecom industry combined with its allies in hollywood and big media would very much like to. make the internet essentially an enhanced form of cable television and that would be where they pick winners they pick losers they decide what's on and we what we get to see to some large degree what we don't want to see is innovation requiring the permission of the big operators at the center of the networks innovation on the internet has taken place in large part not all but in significant part at the edges of the networks so i don't want to see the the next facebook needing permission from verizon and comcast in order to get big that would be problematic at the very least some of the stories making headlines now and sadly some news just in we're in
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at least seven children and women have been killed in a u.s. nighttime a raid details coming in from the afghanistan president hamid karzai part of this it took place on choose day night in the central pa and province but the details have only just been released civilian. have been one of the most sensitive issues a cause of this thirteen year western military intervention in afghanistan will be following that up over the coming hours that was ramifications for that i'm sure other news further eruptions from indonesia as mount center berg is seeing here they've pledged swathes of the country into darkness and left at least sixteen people dead so far the volcano has been spewing lava no since september it's forced twenty six thousand people to flee to safety farmlands and homes have been blanketed by thick layers of the gray ash that many families of fall ill because of it so in a bird had been quiet for for centuries until becoming active again in twenty ten. masses a protest is an island still refusing to back down continuing to try to disrupt bangkok to try to force the government to quit gunshots were fired at
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a crowd overnight that injured at least two people for her part prime minister should know what's reiterated she will plow on with snap elections in february in an effort to calm the situation but the demonstrators are none of it they say it's not enough and they're demanding the ousting of the country's leaders. israel's defense minister has apologized for his remarks about the u.s. secretary of state's middle east peace efforts washee yellow was quoted by a newspaper saying that john kerry's attempts at israeli palestinian peace were message night and obsessive the white house called the comments that appropriate kerry's been on a diplomatic push recently to outline a deal between the sides but progress has so far stalled. these palestinians were exactly happy with the u.s. secular state policies either with their scores of protesters staging a rally against john kerry in ramallah although his visit was canceled it didn't prevent people voicing their anger and calling on their leader mahmoud abbas to end any any negotiations with the israelis the crowd chanted for kerry to go home and
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demanded the escalation of israeli settlement construction be halted. and you see what you say was of course twenty four seventh's not by your t.v. at all t dot com about the next news bulletin here just but thirty three minutes time on r.t. international next after the break with almost two million cameras watching over people's every move in the city of london the only safe find out that in they could citizens just a minute. precisely peacekeepers for a president who are concerned with monitoring peace deals in a post conflict environment nowadays there are increasingly asked to operate in a high risk obama while believe violence is still illegal to stay. motionless with these people has caused over almost twenty years four million
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people killed millions of displaced and refugees tens of thousands of women raped. children recruited as soldiers were slaves no. no the playing. field in big spirit travels with the flame from its birthplace in greece. joining james brown for an elemental and epic journey around russia and beyond.
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where i was to go. oth. welcome to london the world's capital of surveillance even though the year isn't one hundred eighty full you may be forgiven for imagining big brother really is watching it i can see one. six zero thing being a peanut gallery on the. every bit the public realm. of everything are free but also just because all the different companies different landowners have their own season t.v. cameras are everywhere everybody. in the most monitored city in the world there is one camera for every fourteen people but does this intense surveillance keep london
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safe i mean in a way the street like a kind of dangerous because that coveted c.c.t.v. but no one's watching that's what's interesting about these two to be culture if it takes away like the joy of having initiatives like natural survey that will take. photographer henrietta williams and cartographer george going to have mapped a ring of steel around london's financial district. forged from automated security gates and surveillance cameras anyone who enters is registered electronically and anything out of the ordinary triggers security protocols. even seemingly innocuous things like video cameras. on the flight not fit to live in your picture but with your cat your cameras will not see or hear your car we can film whichever way we want. you to do what. you want to do.


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